Beautiful Blogging

I was very priviledged recently to receive a Beautiful Blogger Award from Claire King who is a writer, mother, blogger, tweeter and I have found, a helpful member of the writing community, willing to share her time. Recently shortlisted for the prestigious Bristol Prize, I wish her continued success in her writing journey.

In accordance with the stipulations of the award, here are seven things about me that are more or less true. In Roddy Doyles fab children’s book The Giggler Treatment, cream crackers relate boring facts and chocolate cream crackers relate slightly exciting facts, here’s a mixture of my plain and chocolate cream crackers….

1: I wrote my first piece age 8, a poem called Colours, that you can find here.

2: My first award was in 1987, it was a school short story competition sponsored by the local newspaper The Kerryman. It was a story of small town gossip, which I then got to read out loud to the residents of the small town.This year I was nominated for three short story awards, although I didn’t win the ultimate prize, it was quite delightful.

3: I got a personal hand-written rejection letter from Penguin US, for a children’s book I wrote age 18. It said that my story about a boy who meets an elf was ‘charming but unoriginal.’

4: I have just finished my third novel: Housewife with a Half-Life. It’s a philosophical space romp about a housewife who is disintegrating and dissipating energy. She travels through the alternate universes with Fairly Dave – a biker jacket, kilt and Doc Marten toting creature with luminescent emotions – to reintegrate all the versions of herself. She has to avoid the Geezers with the Freezers and save the Universe from the Spinner’s deadly cataclysmic convertor.

4: I live in a dormer bungalow

5: I have four children whose average age is 5.75

6: I once visited a place in Arizona called Stovepipe Wells whose elevation is 5 feet. I had a photo taken there because my surname is Wells and am as close to 5 feet as makes no difference.

7: Tea is the meaning of my life

I would like to pass on this award to these fab women of the writing world:

Rebecca E Brown:My little Notepad

Anne Tyler Lord: Don’t Fence Me In

RebeccaEmin: Ramblings of a Rusty Writer

Jane Travers: Jane Obsessed with Jane

Claire Hennessy: Claire Hennessy

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Sarah Franklin: Never Goes without Saying



  1. Thank you, Alison! Now I’ve got the same problem as Jane, and also have to think of different people to pass it on to which could also be an issue! Hmm…

    Have a great week x

    1. Hi girls,

      Whatever about getting round to the ins and outs of receiving the award and indeed if you, as Barbara has done have received this award already, don’t fret. Merely my way of acknowledging your talent and loveliness. x

  2. Oooh! *happy dance* Thank you, Alison!

    (Do tell me that Housewife with a Half-Life will be doing the rounds of agents/publishers soon… it sounds quite fabulous indeed.)

  3. Hey Alison!

    Thanks for the award, I take it as a great compliment and return it whole-heartedly!

    I will definitely try to get this done soon, but second the other comments – yikes!

    Becca x

  4. Why thank you Alison – what a compliment from such a wonderful writer (and helpful tweeter) as yourself. Very nice indeed.

    Interesting facts…mmm, might try that after a few glasses of wine!


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