Poetry – Summer

Restless blood thumping
Sin spinning in the thick river
Hot flesh
Neck dips slip
sacred hollows
Smooth slices
honeyed shoulders
Teeth and lips sinking
plum juice
The dark interior
Pulse points, black veins
Liquid gold pouring
On the shallow surface

Skin buzzing with molecular nectar
Winter embers from ash
flare, flash
Incinerated self-slivers sail into the wide sky
The soul’s discarded dust, now seed of snow


  1. Wonderful. I love tat this is so light and yet so dark. The images of (maybe just my imagination) beautiful bronzed young men emerging from the pool/sea reminds me of the elegance and simultaneous darkness at the heart of The Talented Mr Ripley (I picture one of the scenes from the film, where Matt Damon first introduces himself whilst Jude Law’s swimming). There’s also a hint of all those tinged with sadness summer coming of age films like American Graffiti

  2. um I saw this as ***ual. A la the Song of Solomon.

    “Sin spinning in the thick river” – loved this line and “The soul’s discarded dust” just beautiful.

    marc nash

  3. Great comments and um, on the right track there Marc. I also love all references to Jude Law swimming. Light and dark always have to go together.

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