The Big Book of Hope

I recently was invited to the launch of The Big Book of Hope in Dublin. The book was the brainchild of Hazel Larkin and was championed by Vanessa O’ Loughlin. Together they amassed a group of writers, public figures and celebrities who contributed fiction, memoir and non-fiction pieces to this large volume of 448 pages.

The aim of the book is to raise money for the Hope Foundation to ‘save lives’. The Hope Foundation works to give street children in Kolkata – formerly known as Calcutta, a glimmer of hope. Projects include ‘shelter, healthcare, education, vocational training, child protection, anti-trafficking, anti-child labour and child’s right advocacy.’ Compared to our own children, these children have nothing, they cling to survival by the merest of threads. The proceeds of this book will go directly into the projects that can save lives. Please buy one, or more to make a difference to these children. With over 30 well known contributors and a range of styles and stories it is worth every penny and a hundred fold if it helps to bring hope to children through the Hope Foundation.

Buy the Big Book of Hope



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