Small stone: Moving picture

A bright rectangle appears on the bedroom wall, intensifies, then branches emerge, criss-crossing. Then within the frame, everything moves, a motion picture. A gift from a valiant sun  newly risen, making a wall shadow of trees.



  1. Hi, Alison. I just read through your poems and made a comment. They’re good!

    I found you through Jemi Fraser; you’re on her blogroll. Glad I came over to meet you. You’ve written a lot. When I have time, I’ll return and read some of your stories. Good luck with getting published. Just don’t give up! Persistence is everything. I’m a living testimony of that. I’ve written and published some poems and stories throughout my life and hoped to publish a full-length book. At age 70, this is happening!! I hope you’ll come over to meet me.
    Ann Best, Author

  2. How gorgeous! Your writing is so suited to this ‘River of Stones’, each one of them has been a beautiful little taster. They’ve made me laugh, sigh, and very very hungry (cheesy biscuits/ fish pie).

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