Guilty confessions of a Writing Parent

Just thought we’d have a bit of fun today. In my mother writer series of interviews one of the predominant feelings was that of guilt. We often feel that we are not fulfilling all of our roles adequately. I hope she won’t be offended but I often laughed at Vanessa O’ Loughlin, founder of Inkwell Writers and, crime and romance writer and mum when she tweeted about burning her sausages because she was caught up in one of her projects. I myself know how to make a bed in ten seconds and tidy a room in 5 minutes if I know someone is about to arrive  Tip: make sure you have plenty of empty cupboards. I make dinners that will last for two days, no mean feat!  I have never ever washed my windows (been in the house for 6 years) and there are cobwebs in most of the rooms.

What I want to know is your guilty confessions and your housework horrors, the shortcuts you take so that you can make more time for writing. We need to know that everyone else is not perfect and not able to do everything. When you reach the podium ready to claim your Booker prize, what will you refer to, will you say, this has all been possible because I only bathe my children once a month? 🙂 Spill all and the funnier the better!

10 thoughts on “Guilty confessions of a Writing Parent

  1. I am famous in our house for burning the toast because my head’s still in it’s morning writing fog.

    I pay my kids to do as many chores as they are able — setting the table, washing non-breakable dishes, vacuuming. Unfortunately, they refuse toclean the toilets, not even for two bucks. Tip: when company’s coming, a quick wipedown with a baby wipe. Peace…

  2. Major bribery goes on in my house. Oh and I clean ALL our shoes with baby wipes, but admit to using proper wipes for the loo – too many nasty bugs brought home from school.

  3. clarekirkpatrick

    My children will only agree to be bathed once a month! 😀 I’m afraid I rely far too heavily on the fact that, as there are four of them, they do entertain each other quite a lot, and I make use of that time to fit my writing into. I only do proper housework once a week, when my mum’s over and I completely blitz upstairs. The living room gets tidied at the end of each day – but we make use of well organised cupboards like you do. DH is in charge of the kitchen, but the kitchen floor is the thing that really loses out – the one thing that just never gets done. It’s gross!

  4. It’s me again – WriterinFrance
    I don’t have children Alison, but I hope you’ll get the point of this tale of “Trying to Find the Time to Write…”
    First thing to admit is, I’ve no housekeeping standards at all. And yet, the only time I can call my own, without interruptions, is if I take pen & paper into the hills and write up notes. If you ever have time, take a look at the story below….some women have found it hysterical – especially Americans, but they don’t live here with my Hero…

  5. Looking at my own dirty windows now! And the pile of ironing, the empty cupboards because I haven’t gone shoping, the work I should be doing other than writing (the day job), work for myself so no guilt about slacking on the boss, I am d boss. I think if I was asked that question as I collected my Booker Prize, I’d have to say, because for the most part when I could, I put writing first, and a very long list came trailing after it!

  6. Um…pizza. Too often to mention. And I have a room which just has a washing machine in it, so that’s where the washing goes, sometimes I have to climb over it all to do 5 loads in a row (hangs head in shame)

  7. I admit to guiltily suggesting a movie if I desperately want some uninterrupted writing time (my youngest is only 3, so no school yet). I have a few housework priorities (clothes washing, kitchen relatively clean) and will do the rest fairly sporadically. My school-aged child has no homework but invents projects that interfere with my writing time ;), so sometimes I have to divert my creative brain into two streams. I’m pretty good at getting up mid-paragraph, doing something on autopilot and getting straight back to it.

  8. I am an advocate for baby wipes, they fix everything! I tend to write mostly in the evenings at the moment while my daughter is under six months old, but when she does sleep in the day I choose writing over housework every time! It’s so much better, and the house is fine (honestly!)

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