#Fridayflash Solid Table Fallacy & New Post on Writing.ie

I am absolutely delighted today to have been asked to post my #fridayflash on the #amwriting website.

#Amwriting is ‘an award-winning Twitter hashtag created by Johanna Harness.’ Joanna is a mother and writer of middle grade and young adult novels who has created a venue on twitter (the hashtag #amwriting allows you to see a stream of people now currently engaged with their writing) and now on a dedicated blog for a community of writers to come together, share their work, resources and ideas and support each other. For an excellent explanation of what #amwriting is all about see here.

My #fridayflash fiction today is called Solid Table Fallacy, it is one of the stories from my flash collection in process and features characters from previous flashes You can read it here on the #amwriting website. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have some feedback!

My other hat is resident guest blogger on Writing.ie . Today I have a post on novel writing and headspace: My novel is a submerged island.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. I very much enjoyed your essay on writing.ie. Incubation IS so necessary, and I think we novel writers sometimes get so caught up in the story we want to rush and get to the end. I like your approach — read through the printed pages, muse and ponder, jot notes, muse and ponder…

    I left you a little bit of homework — hope you don’t mind ;^)

    Off to take a gander at your #fridayflash in between caring for sick daughter and finishing a m/s for work. Peace…

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