Get out of your (writing) head plus Mother Writer Colette Caddle news

Just a quick note today to say that I have a new post called Get out of your writing head up on

And great news from one of my Mother Writer Interviewees, the lovely Colette Caddle.  It’s publication day for her new book Always on my Mind. Check out her site for a great competition to win her new book.

In other news, I have a summer cold and the kids are getting bored already.  I’m currently not an exemplary model for combining motherhood and writing but I will update at the end of the week to say what has been possible in my School Hols and the Writing Parent Series. See the first post in the series here (or below!)


  1. Hi Alison
    I really loved your guest post ‘Get our of your Writing Head’. Loads of practical and empathetic suggestions for keeping going. Well done & thank you. I especially liked the bit about stepping away from it.
    Hope summer going well for you….keeping everyone unbored (& getting a few words out) is an uber challenge for me too.

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