To the social media anxious: ‘It’s okay…’

It’s okay if your blog stats dip from time to time

It’s okay if you don’t blog post everyday or even every second day, people will probably be quite relieved

It’s okay if you lose a follower on twitter, this is the way of the world, you will keep some friends and lose others and most of the time it’s only a marketing affiliate or a girl in a bikini who tweets nothing

It’s okay if you don’t friend everyone on Facebook who asks you or Linkedin or any other social networking site that seemed like a good idea at the time. Nothing bad will happen.

It’s okay if you don’t follow back everyone on Twitter. Would you go out in real life with your 2000 plus best buddies and what would that be like?

It’s okay to sit in the garden and wiggle your toes.

It’s okay if your Klout score drops or if your Farmville fields go unplanted

It’s okay if you haven’t yet had a chance to Digg it

It’s okay if you don’t monetize your blog, your internet presence, your social media savvy, well today anyway.

It’s okay if you aren’t retweeted, people still might have enjoyed what you said

It’s okay if you aren’t on Google+ or if you don’t know what Tumblr is or if Stumbleupon is something you’ve never stumbled upon

It’s okay to look at people when talking. It’s okay to look away from your phone.

It’s okay to look at the sky, even if it’s raining.

It’s okay to leave your social media friends to themselves sometimes, they won’t disappear when you’re not there, like imaginary people in a made up world. They will still be around,  in their safe little boxes, sailing down the twitter stream or fluttering through the pages of the Facebook.

It’s okay to power down

It’s okay to run through the fields barefoot except in case of cow pats

It’s okay to share this blog post (but it’s also okay if you don’t!)


  1. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and wiggle toes. I’ve been invited to google+ and have no idea what it is, but this I do know: I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the social media outlets I AM ‘linkedin’ to.

    And I need to write. Edit. Read. Play with kids. Nap. Eat tomatoes from the garden. Kiss husband. Visit sick friends. Sing a song. Peace…

  2. Absolutely love this post. And you can stay off Twitter and Facebook as long as you like, I’ll still be able to bug you one way or another. You have been warned. :o) xx

  3. It IS okay, isn’t it? 😉 It’s funny how we friend or follow so many people and then try to keep up with them. I wake up in the night feeling guilty that I didn’t respond to every @ reply on Twitter or comment on my blog and that I must look rude.

  4. Love the comments!

    Lev, that is hillarious!

    Rachel, Joanna, Clare, Melissa. Thanks for your comments. It’s important to remind ourselves to stop fretting. I grew up in the country when there was literally NOTHING to do sometimes. Ah, looking back…

    Rebecca, thanks, that’s just what I want to hear, on both counts

    Linda, I’m so with you on that list in the head. And sometimes when we are frazzled and don’t know what to do we spend time coasting around the social media sites, well at least I do. Again, it’s time to just be, whether creating or not, just living sometimes and doing all the things you say.

  5. Brilliant! And so true. It really is terrible that I spend nearly all day on the computer, and still have to check social feeds on my Blackberry when I’m in bed.

    Shut down the computer, put down the phone, say it with me people…

  6. Fantastic post Alison and a timely reminder to stop worrying about those blog stats – I don’t check as much as I used to but oh those sad lonely posts with no comments – I feel for them I really do.
    And all those writiing prompts and great ideas, I can’t write them all and reply to every tweet, cook the tea and get the ironing done.
    Sometimes it’s good to step back and think why am I writing this anyway?
    Thanks for your wise words xx

    1. This has been the theme of my blog posts in last few days. How we think we can keep up is ridiculous. Now that I’ve eased off I am finally feeling human again. You are right, we keep writing, responding (yes I am now) and some of it is valuable but sometimes it’s just not necessary and we need to step back into the real world.

  7. Great post – makes me feels so much beter about my mini hibernation, doing that thing called writing!!! 🙂 Thanks Alison for sharing – It is all OKAY!! We’ll just keep saying it as our mantra!! xxx L

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