Recommended by a Rambler: 10 Random Facts

My dear friend (who I met on Twitter) the wonderful, friendly and supportive Rebecca Emin has recommended me or my blog, I’m not sure which!. This writer who is going from strength to strength with the publication of her first novel for 8-12 year olds blogs at Ramblings of a Rusty Writer. This recommendation entails listing ten random facts about the self which I am sure you will find super riveting. And here’s a little twist. If you dare or would like to, why don’t you use these facts as prompts for a little flash fiction, say under 500 words and link back to it in the comments!

1: My first dog was named Skippy because I thought he was a Kangeroo ( I was two).

2: I would love to have been in a dance troupe or on Strictly Come Dancing but I don’t suppose I will ever be celebrity enough

3: I like footing turf (look that up)

4: I’m a quarter Welsh

5: I learned to swim in the sea when I was twelve. It was freezing.

6: I can play the tin whistle

7: I like abseiling but haven’t done it for years

8: I hate wet paper

9: I know someone who got Roy Orbison to autograph their arm

10: I’m good with knots.

I would like to recommend these vibrant blogs and individuals

120 socks:  Louise Phillips

Rant with Occasional Music: Derek Flynn

And if they get the chance I would love to soak up some trivia about these brilliant bloggers and artistic folk.

And don’t forget the flash fiction prompt. Surely Skippy the dog or being good with knots is worth a story. If you come up with something good, you could post it and join the wonderful #fridayflash.

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