The Eighty Nine Anthology launches!

A few months ago I joined in with Jodi Cleghorn’s Literary Mix Tapes venture where crowd sourced fiction meets music. The particular project was Eighty Nine, the result is 26 stories of speculative fiction prompted by songs from 1989 and including events from the Berlin Wall to Tiananmen Square.

My song prompt was Cher’s If I could turn back time. Martin visits his mother Agatha in a nursing home. A former NASA employee now said to be suffering from Alzheimers, she is convinced that it’s still 1989, the year that her husband died. With references to the Voyager II flyby of Neptune and the Galileo probe, the inauguration of George Bush and Magnum PI mustaches the story sees whether it’s Agatha who really knows what’s going on.

Read more of the background to the project and a full list of the participants and their stories on the website at Literary Mix Tapes.

Here’s me holding with my copy of Eighty Nine. In 1989 I was 19 but there aren’t too many of those photos around..


There’s lots of fun and giveaways to be had at the virtual launch party today, including trivia quizzes, best dressed, videos and more  on the Facebook page and you can get a sneak peek of many of the stories details via Twitter on the @LiteraryMixTape account.

If this whets your appetite for the collection (which includes stories from many of my favourite writers from Twitter’s #fridayflash) or if you are nostalgic for 1989 you can check out the anthology it in the usual places, links to which are given below.

LMT Bookshop


Goodreads give away

Amazon UK page

Amazon US Page


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