5 thoughts on ““Breaking News” on Metazen

  1. Congratulations, it’s a really excellent story. (Was there really a baby found in a bag in Walkinstown, because that’s just horrible.) Been a fan of Metazen for a while now, it’s a real favourite of mine.

  2. Hi Alison

    I have just read the story, and it is amazing. It is the kind of writing which makes me want to write better. Probably the best piece of short prose I have read in ages. Absolutely brilliant, and well done:)

  3. Thanks a million guys. It’s an old story (2008) so glad to find a home for it.

    In answer to the question about the Walkinstown baby. I’m afraid all of the stories are stuff I have heard on the radio, it may not have been Walkinstown but it did happen. The picture they chose to go with it is fabulous, yes!

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