NaNoWriMo in the bag

I’ve been quiet here for a while because I’ve been spending any spare time completing the 50,000 word challenge of NaNoWriMo. I’ve been working on something that I’m very excited about The Exhibit of Held Breaths and for which I’ve been awarded a retreat in the summer to continue work on it.

It’s been a good NaNoWriMo overall, no major panics. Early morning writing and getting a little bit ahead at the start saved me having to do major catchups as I’ve had two on my two previous NaNoWriMos and the subject matter still remained fresh for me even though the pace was frantic. I am looking forward to writing at a slightly slower more considered pace with breaks for research and thinking about the story. However I will bring forward the writing discipline and particular routine (2 hrs in the early morning followed by a stint later where possible) into the future.

To read more about the journey through NaNoWrimo, you can read my writing journal here.

Best of luck to all those who are still pelting down words today and tomorrow to finish. You can do it!

3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo in the bag

  1. Well done Alison, congratulations for finishing. I am sure it was a tough month. Where did it go? You now have a book at the end of it and I am a few chapters, your determination and to borrow a phrase I read from Vanessa O’Loughlin’s e-book you used your ‘bum glue’ to get the job done!

    Michelle Moloney King

  2. Well done! I completed my challenge on Saturday night so I can relax, although I still have to finish my first draft and then start editing. It was great fun though and I shall certainly do it again.

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