Inspiring: Finding ways around dyslexia to become a teacher

Edublogs   aims to promote the use of social media in providing educational resources to both teachers and students. Their yearly awards highlight blogs and posts that are working to provide those resources or highlight important educational issues.

Michelle Moloney King is a teacher and writer. She also happens to be dyslexic. In this personal and engaging post Thinking Outside the Box   she outlines how dyslexia affected her throughout her life, the strategies she used for hiding it and working round it as a student. She also explains how her struggles led her to be inventive about learning, devising manuals that focussed more on visuals than text, manuals which were so popular that it was suggested that she should become a teacher.

Nomination for the most influential blog post category Thinking Outside the Box   Michelle Moloney King

Her account of how she persevered with her studies as a teacher despite her challenges is very inspiring and it is for that reason that I’d like to nominate her for the Edublog awards in the most influential blog post category.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring: Finding ways around dyslexia to become a teacher

  1. Thanks for that link Alison, I’ve just read Michelle’s post and love the idea of her drawing pictures over and alongside text to help her remember. My 12 y/o is not dyslexic but very ‘left-handed’ and words also make her feel dizzy. I’m going to mention the picture idea to her, I’ve got the feeling she’s going to love it!
    p.s. she also has a very individual take on life which I love, and am in fact quite jealous of! x

  2. Hi Alison,

    Thank you so much for the nomination and the lovely write up. I am so happy and proud to have received this nomination, and being mentioned here on your amazing blog.

    A humble and grateful teacher
    Michelle x

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