The long and the short of it: Story endeavours

It’s been designated Short Story Year. At this moment in time I don’t know where exactly this marvellous idea originated but I know it’s based in the UK and that doesn’t stop me from appropriating the concept and running with it, particularly since writing and reading short stories is my favourite thing. I’m also going to be involved with National Flash Fiction Day.

My aim this year on the blog is to highlight even more the short story. I will regularly post my own short story endeavours, my short fiction and also interviews with people who are involved in short story writing or have brought out collections of short stories (Bravo). I will continue to try to find a home for my short collection Random Acts of Optimism and I will continue to add to a new collection of short interrelated flash fiction Flashes of Sadness and Light, some pieces of which you will have read in my #fridayflash posts.

I was proud last year to have been published in the fine Metazen and The View from here (links are on the sidebar) and in the Voices of Angels and Eighty Nine anthologies and I will continue to submit and find places for my patient stories. Today I will make a story submission and return edits for a story which is to be published online shortly.

All this though, while I work on my first literary novel which is really taking shape. I’m so immersed in it that strange phenomenon are occurring. I have the sense of many conversations and connections running through the synapses, whispers inside my own head. So where, are the short stories in this? Well the novel is about remembrances and storytelling and it includes four standalone short stories that the protagonist creates. So I am proud to say that I am writing a novel with short stories in it. Or perhaps a “Shovel” !

While I’m here and talking about short things, I want to mention the River of Stones project that I took part in last January (See River of Stones pic on sidebar). If you check my archive for January you will get a flavour of what small stones is about. It’s a chance to record a moment in time, something beautiful, touching, difficult, raw. It only has to be a few lines long but it certainly is a wonderful way of becoming mindful and appreciating the present. Here is the website that explains all. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to log on each day but when I can I will add a small stone throughout this month. What we are as writers of short stories and otherwise is observers on the minutiae of like, on the precious and tremulous things. The small stones heighten these powers of observation and touch others.

Oh I’ve just remembered, I’ve just seen this unusual short story and poetry competition from Doire Press. The prize is publication of your own chapbook of stories or poetry. Deadline 9th January.

Here’s to a New Year of unfurling stories and the capacity to pay attention to them!

One thought on “The long and the short of it: Story endeavours

  1. Happy New Year Alison! I also will be writing my stones this month, placing them in my gratitude blog (the bluetruedream). Here’s to slowness and short stories! Peace…

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