Metro Mums – Submission Opportunity

Metro Moms Network is an online magazine which provides content aimed at urban parents topics including those related to both parenting and work-life. Metro Moms Network supports all parents, but particularly those who are starting up small businesses or doing freelancing work.

One element of the Metro Mums Network is the Metro Fiction slot. It’s editor is P.J. Kaiser, and editorial advisor Debra Marr both familiar to many from the #fridayflash community. The fiction slot  requires stories between 900 and 1100 words that will appeal to a largely female audience. Genres include fantasy, historical, literary, paranormal, romance, science fiction and women’s fiction. It is a fee paying market.

For more details see here and for full submission guidelines see here and for the metro fiction slot see here.

My story Agatha Burns will appear on Metro Fiction tomorrow, check back here for the link!

2 thoughts on “Metro Mums – Submission Opportunity

  1. Oh, well done on submitting already, Alison. I have failed to write much at all so far this year, hopefully things will pick up as time goes on. I will look forward to reading your story.

  2. Alison, looking forward to your story — your words always resonate with me!

    It is a very nice venue (the editors are awesome, of course!) and a good paying market. A rare thing. Peace…

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