Short Story: Agatha Burns on Metro Fiction

Today my new story Agatha Burns features on the Metro Fiction site. It’s a short fiction from my work of interrelated flashes in progress Flashes of Sadness and Light. For those who’ve read Flash and The Solid Table Fallacy you might recognise the character who had a walk on role in this new story.



  1. I read this story over on the metromoms site. My favourite bit
    ‘Agatha continued to exist. Motherhood was more messy and untameable than any corporate clashes. She had fallen back into the vaccum of her former life, settling near her parents. She worried how the chrysalis of her child’. The Chrysalis of her Child! Love it! I have just discovered your writing while exploring and can’t help but be a little envious of your prowess! Love the interviews that you have done with writers who are also mothers too.

  2. Hi Claire. Thanks so much for giving me that lovely feedback on my story. I’m delighted also that you found the mother writer interviews interesting, I found the answers the interviewees gave really interesting and helpful. As for what you kindly call my ‘prowess’, any skill has been due to practise over the past few years. Also I think we often admire the work of others when they do things we’d either love to do or think we can’t do. I know I feel that way. All we can do is keep on endeavouring and hope we hit the mark. Best wishes Claire.

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