Flash Fiction: Jawbreakers, Calum Kerr and National Flash Fiction Day

National Flash Fiction day (May 16th) was the brainchild of writer and lecturer Calum Kerr. Calum set up the day to celebrate the short form of flash fiction and to co-ordinate events all around the U.K. and further afield. I interview Calum on my writing.ie blog all about the background to National Flash Fiction day and about flash fiction itself.

One of the marvellous results of this initiative is Jawbreakers, the collection of fictions he and Valerie O’ Riordan have co-edited. I’m delighted to announce that I’m an honorary Irish guest inclusion in the book which contains (without any bias at all!) some of the finest writing from the best authors around, luminaries including Tania Hershman, Vanessa Gebbie, Ali Smith, Ian Rankin. There are so many absolute gems among the stories and it’s available here and soon on Amazon.

To celebrate National Flash Fiction Day the industrious creative writing centre Big Smoke Writing Factory have organised a flash fiction reading night on May 16th in the Back Loft (La Catedral Studios, 7-11 Augustine Street, Dublin 8 from 7-9pm. They are looking for participants and there is still a couple of days (until May 6) to enter a piece if you’d like to read a flash on the night. I’ll be a guest reader there so I’ll update you on how the evening went!

For more details on National Flash Fiction Day.

The full National Flash-Fiction Day blog is at http://nationalflashfictionday.blogspot.co.uk/
The website is at http://www.nationalflashfictionday.co.uk/
Follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nationalflashfictionday

Flashes from NFFD events : http://nffdflashes.blogspot.com

And just on a personal note, check back here tomorrow for the reveal of my cover for Housewife with a Half-Life!

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