Why I got a cover designer for my self-pub: Housewife with a Half-Life!

Yes! It’s here! It’s real!

I’m delighted to reveal the cover of Housewife with a Half-Life! I worked with Andrew Brown of Design for Writers to come up with something unique and striking.

If there is one thing that I am absolutely hopeless at it’s design. Art, drawing, anything in that line. My 7 year old daughter can sketch better people and my 4 year son isn’t far behind! I knew that when self-publishing Housewife with a Half-Life I’d have to get a professional to work on the cover.

I chose Design for Writers through personal recommendation. He provided a clear outline of what I should expect in the process and what I would receive at the end of the process. Once I was happy with this and his quotation we were ready to go.

What I really loved about working with Andrew most was his comprehensive consultation process ahead of the design. Through an interactive project space he asked me a whole lot of questions about the market I was aiming for, the feel of the book, the characters, the genre and the types of images I already admired. He wanted to read the book blurb to get a good idea of what the book was all about. As the design process continued we were able to communicate and clarify details with each other.

What Andrew came up with was something totally new and beyond what I expected. It’s a classic design with a Pulp feel and the colour and image make it stand out and I hope will make it a recognisable brand into the future. (For all the rest of the books you know! Yes, there is a sequel!) There is no way in the world I could have created such a cover. To me self-publishing is a business. Yes I want to get my work out into the world and hopefully see people enjoy it, but I want the experience to be the same as buying a book from a publisher. If people are to pay for my ebook (or later the paperback) I want them to receive a product that has value both in the content and the presentation.

I think that the most important thing when self-publishing is to utterly believe in your book. It’s a long road where you, as the marketing and PR guru will have to shout about your book and put the message across to others. You need readers to believe in your book, to get behind it, to care and to spread the word. You need to make your book feel like a real book, you need people to feel confident and comfortable when they open it. They need the reading experience to be seamless and not punctuated by an awareness of mistakes, sloppy layout, cheap feel or homemade cover. For those reasons making my book design a professional affair was absolutely necessary. Now I’m ready to launch Housewife with a Half-Life and the whole experience of the book into the world. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Why I got a cover designer for my self-pub: Housewife with a Half-Life!

  1. alisonwells

    Thank ladies. It’s all a bit full on at the moment. Am finalising the proof today. Can’t wait to crack open a celebratory something on May 8th!

  2. It looks great! I know exactly what you mean about wanting a bright, bold cover design. My novel is paranormal romance, and my book cover is orange, which stands out brilliantly amongst all the black covered books in the section… I look forward to reading ‘Housewife with a Half-Life.’

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