Official Release of Housewife with a Half-Life Paperback and Comp!

Hooray! It’s paperback day!

When I released the ebook of Housewife with a Half-Life I was delighted with the response but many of you kindly said that you’d like to buy the paperback version. I’m happy to now pronounce Housewife with a Half-Life formally available on paperback.Cheers! Clink Clink!

You can purchase Housewife with a Half-Life on,, Barnes and Noble and the Book Depository among other retailers. On 22nd June Hughes & Hughes will host the real world launch of the book, they did this lovely write up with a downloadable invite if you are in Dublin that day.

Winner of the kilt competition is D.J. Kirkby. Please tweet or email me your contact details!


To celebrate today’s launch you can be in with a chance to win the following:


Fairly Dave has a Temporal Toolbelt with mysterious dimensions! His toolbelt carries many devices as well as an inflatable mattress for sleepovers across the galaxy. Every man fighting adversity and evil Geezer creatures should have one!
A hug for every occasion when you’re saving the universe. Our loveable character Fairly Dave (who has luminescent emotions) carries The Book of Hugs with him in his Temporal Toolbelt and refers to it in sticky situations. A hug can salve most the effects of housewife disintegration and even sort some temporal anomalies.
Scales fit for a Housewife with attitude! Susan Strong is the perfect mother or at least she tries to be. These scales can help you bake life saving apple pie or (moon) rock buns.
Make eggs in the shape of stars! Susan Strong has four year old twin boys Pluto and Rufus whose temporal hopping bunk bed causes chaos. These fried egg moulds are desirable for any space travelling family.
To possibly win the prizes you can do any or several of the following:
1: Comment here, saying which number of prize you’d prefer
2: On Facebook. Go to my Facebook page and like A.B. Wells and share the book release posts. I will make a note of Facebook folk.
3: On Twitter. Tweet or Retweet (from @alisonwells) book tweets or links to this blogpost and comp. Use the hashtag #HWHL. I will make a note of tweeters.
4: Hire a rocket and scratch my book news on the surface of the moon.
This competition is open until Friday evening. Winners will be announced Sunday 16th. So keep posting and tweeting!
Sincere Thanks
I’d like to thank many people, my husband and my children who are interested and supportive of my writing (most of the time!). I’d like to thank Andrew Brown of Designs for Writers, who’s cover has been a big hit and very eye-catching. I’d like to thank Sarah Franklin for editing, for the writers who beta read and proof read and provided expertise, talent that inspired me from my early days online and to all the people who helped with spreading the word with the blog splash last time round to those who are going to do a book tour this time. (Details in the sidebar). A special mention to Rebecca Emin, Vanessa O’ Loughlin, Marc Nash, Claire King, Martha Williams, Rachel Carter, Catherine Ryan Howard, Calum Kerr, DJ Young, Penny Goring, Dan Holloway, Louise Phillips, Paul Carroll, Mariam Kobras and Vanessa Gebbie. There are many other super people who have shared kind words on blog and twitter and you are not forgotten either. I simply don’t have the space to list you all.
As opposed to the mania of the ebook launch and subsequent race up the charts, I wanted the paperback launch to be more of a slow, sustainable thing. I want to reach out to anyone who has enjoyed my posts or writing and thank you for helping me to develop as a writer by your comments, feedback, links to interesting posts. I want to connect also readers who simply buy the book and curl up somewhere to read it and enter it’s world. Housewife with a Half-Life has been described thusly “This is a laugh out loud funny but also touchingly heartwarming read from an author whose lightness of touch has defined her as ‘something of an alchemist’ in literary circles.” As well as a book about the juggles of life, trying to do the right thing, hanging on to your identity while saving the universe, I tried to bring across in Housewife with a Half-Life some of the wonder of the being a part of this astounding universe.

Cheers! And Thanks!



    1. Thanks Shanna and I’ve had a quick look on your blog and will contact you about a post re: your last message. Good luck with your entry!

  1. Congrats Alison! I am so happy for your launch. Lightness of touch indeed. I’d like a chance at the champagne… oh, that’s not included ;^) I live across the big pond, figure to mail any of the above would cost more than all the royalties you’ll reap in one day, so I’ll simply settle for your great fortune. Peace…

    1. Well I’ve factored in delivery to anywhere in the universe but I so appreciate you stopping by and sending your good wishes Linda x

  2. Congratulations on the launch of your “proper book” as I will always think of paperbacks.

    What a super blog post and thanks for the thanks and for being such a good friend even though we have yet to meet out in the real world.

    I’d love to be in the hat for prize 4 if that’s okay. There’s nothing like messing around with food to keep the children happy – and goodness knows I *always* need more washing up to do ;o)

  3. What fabulous prizes! I am not going to say which I would like best because I have already been lucky enough to win a paperback copy *smug look*. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations! It must be great to actually hold your book in your hands. I have it on my kindle to be read next. I would love to be in the draw for #3 because the scales I have are very ugly and have to be hidden away. I did the rocket and moon thing too.

  5. Have read the extensive list of names above and can’t find mine anywhere…but that’s okay as I have misplaced the dress I made for your book launch and think I may have left it in an alternative universe. OOPs…..and I’d like the tool belt please.

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