Housewife with a Half-Life Blog Tour

For the next week or so I’ll be travelling round various blogs talking about my self-publishing adventure, finding the time to write when raising a family of four young children, why I’m forging two separate identities as a writer as A.B. Wells for my sci-fi self and Alison Wells for my literary trad publishing side and other topics. Paul Carroll, Louise Phillips, Mariam Kobras, Martha Williams, Rebecca Emin, Vanessa Gebbie and PJ. Kaiser at the Tuesday Serial are hosting my musings and interviews. Here is the full line up.

Housewife with a Half-Life Book Tour

13th June: Paul Carroll Writer

14th June Louise Phillips Writer

15th June The Happy Author on the Porch (Mariam Kobras’ blog)

18th June Writing on a Wet Rock Martha Williams’ blog

19th June Ramblings of a Rusty Writer Rebecca Emin’s blog

20th June Vanessa Gebbie’s Blog  Vanessa Gebbie’s blog

21st June Tuesday Serial Tuesday Serial

I hope my experiences can be of interest and help to you. We start out today on Paul Carroll’s blog. Paul is a up and coming writer from Dublin. My post today on his blog is How to Make Time to write a novel.

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