Stories to read on the train for nothing

You know how I love writing short stories and flash fiction. Well what I have today for you is a free download of one of my mini collections STORIES TO READ ON THE TRAIN.

Old lives collide on a train commute; a woman travels to meet her long distance lover; a train trip brings Eleanor back to face an old tragedy; a cliff edge commute above the sea lifts a man from the realities of his wife’s condition; a woman flees a controlling relationship. These tiny, precious flash fiction stories from a prize winning author challenge you to pause, to look at life under a magnifying glass, examine its ordinary glories, the twin globe of beauty and darkness in human experience. Of the stories in this mini collection, Entropy Held was part of the flash fiction medley that won the fiction prize in the New Big Book of Hope collection. Some of the stories in this collection will merge in an interrelated flash fiction novella.

These are very short stories that can be read in a single sitting (on the train or not!) or savoured one at a time. I’d be delighted if you have a read, share the links or gift the book to a friend and let me know what you thought. The more people who downloadthe book the better. You can read it on Kindle or FREE Kindle App. THANK YOU!

This is how happy I’ll be if you download Stories to Read on the Train!

If you enjoy it I have two mini collections out Stories to make you go ‘ooh’ and Stories to make you go ‘ah’ and another on the way. Details HERE.



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