Stories to make you go ‘ah’

stories to make you go ahStories to make you go ah is FREE to you for your Kindle or Kindle app today and until Jan 2nd.

This mini-collection is one of a series of ‘Stories to’. The yoghurt pots might be dancing at work but for Lydia and her newly wed husband James the only flavour is white, a cat burglar steal the reminders of an old relationship and Burgundy, Bolero and Chicken Supreme feature in the tricky art of seduction when two teachers get together. Playful and quirky, these stories of desire and love from a prize winning author will amuse and entertain. Of the stories in this collection ‘Filch’ was longlisted in the international Séan O’ Faolain prize.

I’d be delighted if you downloaded or gift to a friend. The links are here.

Housewife with a Half-Life is still half-price for all ereaders with the Smashwords coupon code AL24Z. Mother and her endearing spaceman friend save the universe. Yay!



  1. Wow Alison, what a perfect time for me to start catching up with everyone (I’ve been MIA for several months now). Thank you so much for the book! You know this already but I’ll say it again – I absolutely love your style and your voice and I always feel honored to read your stories.
    I wish you all the best for a blessed and happy new year!

    1. Hi Deanna, how lovely to see you here, glad you are back and what a lovely thing to say about my writing. I hope you enjoy the short read. I wish you a wonderful new year too!

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