31 Days: Saying Thank You


This series of articles running through January will explore ways of keeping our head above water in physical, mental, emotional and creative areas. There will be creative challenges, competitions and giveaways. For the full background see here.

Sunday is a day when many of us have, or should have more of an opportunity to pause. I’ll talk more about negative thoughts tomorrow but research has shown that  “a conscious focus on blessings may have emotional and interpersonal benefits.”

I recently was lucky enough to win the Thank You book pictured. The book is on sale from the Irish Hospice Foundation. Inside there are quotes on being grateful as well as plenty of space in the notebook for you to note down the things you are grateful for. I’ve found it particularly useful at hairy moments with the children. For example, one of the entries was ‘thank you for these lovely children who I’m getting ready for school”.

I’m not perfect. I aim to use the Thank You book every day but I don’t. I try to get the children to write in it too but not as often as I intend to. But the Thank You book sits in my hallway where I am reminded to think of the things that I have and the things that are good instead of seeing the deficiencies and flaws. It’s worth having such a reminder as we can be the kind of people that go out looking for and finding the worst in people or seeing what is possible in people and in our own lives.

Don’t forget the Photo Write Prompt Comp

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