Photo Write Prompt Comp Results

There were three entries this time for the comp. I’m not sure whether the photo or more elastic criteria made it harder to for people to come up with something in just a few days but I hope the photo was food for thought for others and that there may be stories or poems that you are working on yourselves.

The quality of the three pieces were really outstanding. I was blown away by Gerry’s poem, it was accomplished and well structured, capturing the many resonances of the arch. Stephen’s story displayed a fantastic flair for description and brought in many threads of relationships which broaden the story and made it travel in the mind of the reader. Sarah’s story of a woman’s choices around the people she loved was emotionally taut and insightful and displayed a wonderful use of atmosphere of place to lend depth to the story. What is fantastic to see is how so much was conveyed by all the authors in a very short space of time and words. I would very much like to reward all authors so if you all mail me your postal addresses to alison at brierwell dot com I will send you one of the books I mentioned or it’s equivalent. Congratulations.

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