Are you looking for something in our Fiction store? (YES! YES I AM!)

Are you looking for something in our Fiction store? the email asks. Actually I’m doing everything I can to stop looking in your fiction store because there are so many books I want to read that I’ll soon own enough books to build a house of books and the walls will hold me up and sustain me for many lives to come.

I want to read everything my favorite authors ever wrote and then, accidentally I hear about another author who sounds just my thing and then I’m standing in the bookshop and there the book is right in front of me on a special table and even though I spent far too much on books last week I can’t help picking it up. And if you want to know why I’m in the bookshop at all then it’s because I’m helping out with my daughter’s class while they’re attending a reading from a ‘real author’.

And the feeling I get when I pick up a book is all ‘ooh’ and ‘what is it going to be like’ and ‘this could be amazing’ and ‘I think this just might tally with how I see the world’ and then I’m going to have to read all this guy’s books too and ‘look, oh no, there’s another one he’s written that looks brilliant and the cover is lovely’,

In the postbox, packages from a literary journal I’ve re-subscribed to and another book I ordered from the online fiction store, Beside my bed the two books I had to buy from the real bookshop when I brought my 5 year old to use his voucher for which he paid for a book from one of his favourite author/illustrator team who brought him the Gruffalo and now he wants to read everything they’ve done.

On the way home from the book shop my daughter’s friend said ‘and they didn’t know you were a real author too’ (I gave a talk in her class) and my own book was in the bookshop from which I can’t help picking up books and either buying them or putting them down again and feeling like I’ve abandoned something very important and precious, left a piece of myself behind.

Beside my bed is one of the books I couldn’t help picking up and it IS amazing and it DOES speak in a way that makes sense to me, reflects how I see the world not just on the surface but underneath in a very heartfelt almost ‘in love’ way. And I’m only a little way through and I’ll be sad when this brand new experience, this new lovely connection with the first reading of this book ends.

‘Oh I never knew you felt this way too’.

‘Why would someone read a book?’ I was once asked at a wedding years ago.  The seismic shock of this question on my psyche is still reverberating today…

Possible answers: Entertainment, Fun, To pass the time.

Other possible answers: There are other worlds in there, weird, lovely and true.

YES! The answer is YES! It’s the same reason that I must now dash off and write. I want to live in many possible worlds, to be moved, entertained, to love (and wring my hands at) the world and the way people are in it.

YES! I am ALWAYS looking for something in your fiction store!

16 thoughts on “Are you looking for something in our Fiction store? (YES! YES I AM!)

  1. It’s time to admit it: we are fiction addicts. And I only feel guilty about that when my husband starts moaning at our overflowing bookcases, boxes and decorative piles of books.

  2. “Why would someone read a book?”!!! Wow, I’m just shaking my head at that one. Inconceivable. I always have a fiction book I’m reading. Can’t imagine life without one. Ever.

  3. crossandjones

    Maybe there are more writers than readers these days? Our 2013 household policy is for every new book we buy one has to go and for 2014 everyone we buy two will go to charity. We have otherwise run out of space. Kindle may be the answer but there is no substitute for a book to hold and caress. Also appear to be in a rut of books coming well recommended being a disappointment. Perhaps with reading more than ever before I am demanding better quality. Even the short tasters on Kindle on Amazon do not guarantee the rest of the book is going to thrill. Henry Cross.

    1. alisonwells

      Yes, I’m finding it very difficult to choose between books now that I know so many writers and am also getting so many recommendations. I must say I haven’t been let down by recommendations but several of my book club books haven’t really taken my fancy.

  4. I use the excuse “It’s all part of my research!” I need books, simple as that. I will always need books, and I never want to be without them. It just takes a while to get through my eternal TBR list…

  5. Oh my goodness, it was as if you had jumped inside my mind whilst writing this post! Your book is in my to be read folder on my kindle by the way! My husband has said I must not buy anymore real life books because our house cannot hold any more. He was not amused when I suggested we could build bookshelves into our stairs (I was all helpful and showed him a photo of how someone had done it in their house and everything). He now realises that buying me a kindle was a mistake 🙂 *goes off to spend more money on e-books*

    1. alisonwells

      Ha ha, you see, your bookshelves in the stairs idea is thrilling to us book junkie’s. That is one of the main concerns in our home, where to find more space for books. To those not suffering the same condition, it must seem like madness, but it’s wonderful to converse and share with the similarly afflicted. Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂

  6. Occasionally I think about reading an autobiography or a historical factual book but my need for fiction overrides my curiosity. I need fiction on-tap. Great post, thanks a mil.

  7. If only we knew what sparked this addiction so we could bottle it up for all children. My father insisted that we always have a book on the go. We had a summer cottage without a television or a phone and we’d always stop at the used book store on the way there to buy whatever we wanted. I can still remember the smell of the place, and the lighting for some reason. It was really magical.

    Wonderful post Alison!

  8. me to! your joy is contagious:) I think the search (for me) is for some sort of resonance mixed with some stort of exotic strangeness, the familar & the so called weird….

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