Submit to the National Flash Fiction Anthology

The UK National Flash Fiction Day is on June 22nd and here is your chance to get involved and submit to the anthology. The closing date is very soon – on May 17th. It’s a particularly interesting challenge this time as you are to write a 500 word flash related to another cultural object/art form that inspires you. The full details and links to the competition are here on my post as well as news on my flash fiction piece The Wobegones Slaughtered Dreams being chosen as a winner of the May New Planet Cabaret creative writing challenge on RTE Radio’s arena. 

Hope your writing is going well this week!

3 thoughts on “Submit to the National Flash Fiction Anthology

  1. Hi Alison,

    Thanks for the reminder re National Flash Fiction Competition.
    Had a half baked idea but didn’t get around to putting it in the oven long enough.

    Congratulations re on The Wobegones Slaughtered Lambs. Was it orated last Tuesday?
    What was it about? I think I heard it but I missed hearing the name of a few authors.
    All the winners last week were really good. Dave Lordens advice on writing is really
    good and is worth podcasting – the way he talks about language thats “shimmers”
    and the world of the sensual is excellent with regard to flash fiction. It reminds me of
    your short story writing style. It’s nice to make it into the Anthology. Well done.

    I entered two pieces but had no luck. I dont think I was too far away but maybe I’m
    just being dillusional.

    I’m putting most of my effort into poetry lately. And had some minor success by
    winning The Francis Browne Multilingual Poetry Competition (English section
    – there is an Irish and Scots Gaelic section also – its an annual regional competition
    – very well organised in Donegal)

    The success in poetry came as a direct result of your Friday writing competition.
    I got curious after that and have written about 15 poems at this stage.

    I miss flash fiction and short story writing which I’m going to focus on for awhile now.
    Dave Lorden has won The Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award 2005 – collection of 20 poems
    and was runner up in 2004 so there is a lot to be said for poetry improving your prose
    and making your language and symbolism richer.

    I’m starting to hear my own monotone……. Time to get off the airwaves.

    Best regards,


    1. alisonwells

      Hi Gerry, this is so fantastic to hear about your win in the Francis Browne Multilingual Poetry Competition I’m so delighted. And you can only go from strength to strength, you obviously have the talent. Thanks for the congrats. I didn’t know what to send in to the competition but that was one of my more visceral and surreal pieces so I gave it a try. Really looking forward to hearing more of your successes. The blog Poetic License on will give you more competitions to enter and don’t forget the Bridport prize, deadline at the end of May!

  2. PS

    Just saw The Wobegones Slaughtered Dreams in your flash fiction section.
    Yes they read about the last 50% of it on the radio. Brilliant piece. As I slump back in my
    seat, seething with jealousy, wallowing in self-pity, but borne on the wings of
    Wellian inspiration I soar up through heavy threatening avengeful clouds ready to pounce next year…….

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