All things Flash

As you may know Saturday 22nd June is when this year’s Summer Solstice falls, thus making it the Longest Day and the shortest night of the year. Of course in Australia it’s the shortest day so in the spirit of all things International and short, fictionwise it will also be International Flash Fiction Day.

There are a variety of things going on to celebrate the day. I’ll be at Flash Bulbs as one of the guest readers at an event organised by The Big Smoke Writing Factory Saturday 22nd June 2013, 6-8pm, Arthur’s Pub on Thomas St, Dublin. Please come along to have a look and enjoy some quick tales if you’re in the area.

There’s also what’s called a Flash Flood of flash fiction stories being loaded up throughout the day on the Flash Flood Journal blog. They’re open to submissions to be included in this flood of fiction just until midnight TONIGHT so get your entries in NOW.

There’s also an International Flash Mob with offerings from around the globe, the submission date is over but their site is going life in a few hours with news of the competition winners and posting of a variety of flash.

And finally, of course there is Scraps, the National Flash Fiction Day UK anthology in all it’s sparkling glory. I’ve raved on about it enough and yes it features my David Bowie: Man Who Sold the World Inspired Story ‘Egg’ (all stories are inspired by art or culture of some kind) and I also have my fun Dot to Dot Man Micro Fiction story in there. There are 65 stories in all and you can get the anthology on Kindle or paperback from 22nd June.

Cheerio for now, am in the middle of furniture moving!

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