Housewife with a Half-Life summer read giveaway

Housewife with a Half-Life is a year old and I’m celebrating by giving away two signed paperback copies. Housewife is the lively adventure of mother of twins Susan Strong and travelling spaceman Fairly Dave through other dimensions to find Susan’s other lost selves and save the universe. With a light sprinkling of science, a lot of comedy, domestic appliances that are out to get you and plenty of heart, it’s a fun read for the summer. Here are some of the things that readers have said about the book.

Housewife with a Half-Life paperback
Housewife with a Half-Life paperback

“wasn’t able to put it down, fantastic, funny and pure comedy from start to finish 10/10”

“a witty and acerbic satire on 21st Century womanhood. Think Bridget Jones on acid.”

“A unique and delightful novel.”

“Charming and enchanting with a dash of science”

“A brilliantly humorous book which had me laughing from the start!”

“an unforgettable world that will make you laugh, cry, whoop with joy and encourage you to re-evaluate the pathways of your own existence.”

To enter, please leave a comment below but if you just want to grab the book. It’s available on Itunes,  for Kindle US for 2.99 UK for 1.94 and for all formats on Smashwords, on Barnes and Noble.

I’ll draw for the paperback on Monday. Enjoy your summer reading!

9 thoughts on “Housewife with a Half-Life summer read giveaway

  1. Hello Alison. Happy anniversary one year old…has half life become a whole life now? Hope the book has gone well. I read through my latest draft book again this morning. Quite short – for publishing in September. You may recall I am the Mekon man. Best wishes Henry.

  2. Hi Alison! It was lovely to have met you at Flash Bulbs, I missed you reading but read your story after & loved it.
    Housewife with a half life sounds great. I’d love to be put into the draw for the signed paper back copy. Hope the writing is going well, Emmaleene

    1. alisonwells

      Hi Emmalene, lovely to hear from you and it was great to meet. Look forward to keeping in touch. Best wishes, Alison

  3. alisonwells

    Thanks Henry, Lisa, Emmaline, Tony, Natalia and Bridget love to catch up with those I know and meet new visitors. You’re all in the draw!

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