James Claffey’s Blood a Cold Blue

Dear folks, I just wanted to let you know about a wonderful new short collection by Irish native and writing pal James Claffey. I first read, and was immediately impressed by James Claffeys’ gorgeous and unusual writing on the peer review and fiction site Fictionaut. James’ new collection has just been published by Press 53 and I interviewed James for writing.ie. James gives a wonderful insight into writing, how Irishness comes across in writing, what he believes are the drawbacks of writing for a market and the challenges as a writer.

You can read the interview here.



  1. Having written with others a short story book as my first book I like the idea and hope with authors like James Claffey pushing the envelop short stories can become more popular reading. Certainly they do test one’s creative writing skills when working to a word limit and demanding Roald Dahl like structures. Your recommendation to read Jawbreakers was a good one and I also enjoyed your short story books. The BBC Short Story Awards books for 2012 and 2013 also appear to have sold well despite in my opinion a slant too much towards US authors in 2012. I think the Nobel prize this year for writing also went to a short story writer? Viva the short story. Alexander

  2. Yes, Alexander, It’s a good time for short fiction with Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize, and Lydia Davis winning the International Man Booker Prize. There’s certainly a challenge trying to craft something within a 500-1000 word limit, a different challenge to writing the longer story, or the novel form. Thanks too for the interview and the promotion Alison!

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