Short story hub and Strictly Critical

My youngest is six today and I became the mother of a teenager on Tuesday. I have a party to organise now so I’ll just leave you with a few links. In a recent post on I talk about criticism and why tough judges like Craig Revel Horward on Strictly Come Dancing aren’t necessarily bad. We all need challenge and sometimes realistic and nit picky criticism CAN be a compliment and a sign you’ve reached a high standard. Read more and see if you agree or not on Strictly Come Writing: Why we need critics like Craig.

Great short story news. Máire T. Robinson is one of the founders of a new central resource for Irish short stories (including reviews, sub opportunities and more) Short Story Ireland. I interview her about the background to the venture and what’s on offer here.

Another site dedicated to getting excited about the short story in the UK and Ireland has been announced by Tania Hershman. It’s called Short stops and will feature links to lit mags, live readings and more.

Here Rachael Dunlop wonders if age makes a difference to publishers and agents.

I am very quietly (and somewhat casually) taking part in the 50,000 word challenge nanorimo this year (more on that anon). If any of you are involved and want to buddy other writers, I am writing as randomoptimism this year. Feel free to leave your nanowrimo username in the comments if you want some camaraderie, which is what it’s all about really!

Now off to organise musical whoopee cushions game 🙂






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