My secret life with an inflatable Dalek


You think you know someone but then you discover they have this whole secret life you never imagined. Given the week that’s in it (for non Doctor Who fans, the 50th anniversary episode airs on BBC on Saturday and we have cinema tickets for the 3D version, Woohoo!) I decided to draw attention to one of my other blogs where I document the domestic life of an inflatable Dalek.

Here is the latest picture where the Dalek dreams of a house with no stairs. One of the pictures later in the week will be the Dalek reading one of his favourite novels, but what book is it? You can guess in the comments if you like!

A post on more literary matters tomorrow!


One comment

  1. I am so dismayed I am unable to see the 50th this week… we don’t get this channel in the US, at least where I live. And I must get my daughter one of those inflatables for Christmas! Hope all is well, and enjoy the broadcast! peace…

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