New Year, New Writing Verve

New Year's in beautiful Kerry
New Year’s in beautiful Kerry

Happy New Year and I hope it will be a terrific one for you personally and writing wise. This time last year I took the big step of committing to a creativity post each and every day of January and while I hope sometime to compile these and others I’ve written into a downloadable book, the resource of those 31 posts, on walking, persistence, inspiration etc is there for you to peruse now and all the links are here.

To start off with verve this new year I’ve written a post based on my reading of Bradbury’s Zen and the Art of Writing called Writing with Love and Gusto: Lessons from Ray Bradbury over on my blog. Please take a look and share your thoughts. As you’ll see I wrote a list of my life fascinations in the post as it’s by following and exploring the things we love that we can put heart into our books and make them sing for readers and agents/publishers alike.

I like to think that I put my fascinations and wonder at this world into my books, and I write to connect and share this wonder with others, so I’d be delighted if you want to read any of them. (They are good value I think!) You can read what people said here or go direct to a full list here.

Let me know if you will be releasing a new book this year or what you are working on. I’m submitting my novel about an unusual exhibit that transforms the life of a town and a reluctant curator The Exhibit of Held Breaths to agents just now and I’m still very excited about a new project set in Ireland’s manic boomtime, a voracious, linguistic feast exploring greed, emptiness and featuring a girl with pica and a would be cannibal. The book is called Eat! and the flash fiction from which it is developed will be in the next issue of The Stinging Fly.

Now I must fly, wishing you every good thing this year and the determination and optimism and love in your work to keep going at whatever you do.

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Writing Verve

  1. ginandbooks

    Sounds like a fantastic project, Alison – I look forward to reading your posts. I’m aiming to start submitting to agents in April and (would you credit it?) I’ve also got a flash-fiction piece appearing in the next issue of The Stinging Fly that inspired one of my novel’s characters. How curious that our work keeps meeting this way! Good luck with your submissions x

    1. alisonwells

      Hi my dear, that is so brilliant about your fiction in the Stinging Fly and it being the inspiration for something in your novel too! I hope we run in parallel with our successes and that we both find our agents soon xx

  2. What a lovely picture, Alison, you look great – the essence of radiance!

    This year I have a novel coming out with O’Brien Press called (at the moment) White Feathers. It is about what happens when a young girl is put under pressure by her family – who want her to give a white feather of cowardice to the man she loves because he refuses to enlist. I’m waiting to hear about the editing schedule for it.

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