Creativity, Verve and Short Story Submission Opportunities

For various reasons (head Under water) I haven’t posted here in a tremendously long time so this will be a various post to apprise you of some interesting posts and submission opportunities etc.

In the particular spirit of this blog and it’s focus on getting into the mindset of creativity, I read this great post recently on creativity and endurance sports, in this case cycling.

This month one of my writing dreams came true when I was published along with some dear writing pals in this issue of The Stinging Fly. The flash fiction Eat! is the genus for my next novel that I’m currently putting in some semblance of order to get a working first draft. (In the case of this particular book I’m writing in bits and inspirations that I’m sticking together later to form a coherent (I hope!) whole.

This issue was guest edited by Nuala Ní Chonchuir who is a prolific, poet, short story writer and novelist who has a novel coming out on April 7th with the fabulous title The Closet of Savage Mementoes and who recently announced a further publication deal with Penguin UK and USA.

The Stinging Fly has a new editor Thomas Morris who presents us with this rousing and insightful editorial into what a short story is, can be and above all about your relationship as a writer with your own short story writing, what you can do with it and why you should follow your own path and heart when writing. Read it all here, it’s very worthwhile.

The Stinging Fly is also open to submissions for the whole month of March. I write about Mslexia’s short story competition and the resources for those thinking of entering in my most recent post here.

If you want to discover some exciting Irish literary mags to submit to, browse through the articles in my blog Random Acts of Optimism. I’ve spoken to editors from ESC, The Moth, Number 11 and The Bohemyth so far in my lit mag series.

And Quick! Pal Calum Kerr who runs the UK National Flash Fiction Day is looking for submissions for this year’s micro fiction (100) word prize. Deadline Sunday 9th March! All details here. It’s a great comp and publication to be involved in as I’ve had the pleasure of both last year and in 2012.

If you want some tiny fictions to get you inspired, you can grab my Stories to read on the Train for only 77p.

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