Spontanaity.org: poetry, prose, music & visual art creative chain reactions

Head above Water has a fascination with the conditions of creativity and an enthusiasm for the idea that you can make creative sparks by combining ideas from a variety of sources. When I discovered the online magazine Spontaneity.org it encapsulated perfectly that cross pollination – an artwork in one creative sphere literally leads to another through a series of site links and people use existing pieces as the inspiration for further work. Today I’m delighted to have Ruth McKee, founder of Spontaneity.org guest posting to tell us all about the site and suggest some gorgeous and highly evocative artistic works from the site as the starting point for your next creative endeavour. Over to Ruth. 


New experiences, not just creative ones, but any kind — travel, music, a love affair – open us up to different ways of expressing ourselves, give us new things to say and novel ways to say them. Spontaneity is a magazine which offers new experiences in words and pictures in the hope of sparking an idea, making a connection. It’s a creative chain reaction between poetry, prose, music and visual art of all descriptions.

I’m a writer, but I also play musical instruments, enjoy painting and love design – so I wanted to start a magazine that welcomed all kinds of creative people, from the newcomer to the established artist, that didn’t have boundaries of what was acceptable and that was an interactive place. This is how Spontaneity came about in the autumn of 2013, and already it’s a thriving community.

The concept of the magazine is simple: respond to any piece, from any issue of Spontaneity to be considered for the next. So, if you’re drawn to a particular photograph, story, or poem, respond in whatever form your creativity takes – and that can be anything. Recently we had a music video (http://spontaneity.org/issue03/note-weeper/) which responded musically and visually to a previous contribution – we love this sort of thing! We’ve had street photography, portraits, oil paintings, pen and ink sketches and acrylics. We’ve featured everything from the lyrical poetic series to short modern verse, poetry in French, Irish and in translation — and all kinds of prose, from the traditional short story, to the super-modern.

Here are two arresting images from our current issue to get you buzzing – a painting by Kate Powell “I tried to draw my soul but all I could think of was flowers” and a photograph, “Abandoned Cottage” by Ian Murphy. So why not see what ideas strike you and get submitting? For more details about these images and for some creative inspiration, see spontaneity.org and check out our submission guidelines http://spontaneity.org/submit/

I tried to draw my soul

“I tried to draw my soul but all I could think of was flowers” by Kate Powell http://spontaneity.org/issue03/ad-lib/

Abandoned cottage

“Abandoned cottage” by Ian Murphy http://spontaneity.org/issue02/an-apple-a-knife/


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