Halloween Boot Camp: How to get your kids to do jobs & think they’re having fun


Just thought of a great way of making money. Charge my own kids €65 euro each for entertaining them at my Halloween (boot) camp this week. The camp my daughter wanted to go to gave them a free t-shirt. I’ll give her a free t-shirt (from the laundry) and show her how to iron it.

Course schedule:

Bed making: how to get those corners right! Tricky duvet covers, put them on, without being tempted to climb in!
Breakfast: Learn how to eat a healthy first meal and clean your bowl afterwards
Exercise: Star Jumps and More!
Master the Art of the Washing Machine: Those fancy dials, find out how they work, watch your favourite t-shirt circle the machine
Cleaning Floors: have fun with mops
Cooking: how to make a fun lunch
Baking: Hallowween Pinwheel biscuits and apple pie
Under bed expedition: Like pot holing – squeeze into spaces and find old treasures once forgotten, avoid rotten apples and socks!
Hoovering: Suck up the dreadful dust mites in this game of skill, endurance and dexterity. Gain points for avoiding the Lego!
Washing up the old fashioned way: Ever wondered what we did before dishwashers? Have fun with suds and cutlery Jenga!
Televisions of yore: Press your nose against the front window waiting for something to happen, race raindrop traces with your finger before they reach the bottom.
Bouncy leaf piles: Rake up all the leaves in your parent’s garden and the surrounding neighbourhood to make a massive pile of leaves to leap about in and throw over your siblings
Conker wars: Smash your opponents conker in this time-honoured game of seasonal produce and string
Make a fancy 1970s dinner: Learn to make spag bol with pineapple and sausage on sticks for starter.
Go to bed: Yes it’s only 4pm but be like the Cavemen and sleep
when it gets dark.

This course is sure to occupy you in novel ways and is a great value alternative to a week of Minecraft or an overpriced t-shirt painting camp.

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