Head Under Water

The purpose of this blog for the many years it has been running was always to try and support others in their journey through writing and life and to help engender creativity alongside life’s challenges. This mission, alongside my own writing was of great importance to me and made me feel as if I was contributing something, helping others. Sadly some very difficult circumstances, some of which have been at play for some years and other pressures that are more recent or have become more acute in recent times have got the better of me. I have an exciting project in train but at the moment I have not got the mental or emotional space to work on it. Similarly, although it is my hope and wish to make my blog and Facebook page a source of inspiration and support, I must pause for a while until the issues alleviate. These are real world challenges as well as the stress that goes along with dealing with them. I suppose there is no shame in admitting that once in a while we lose all verve and life, reality, family requires all remaining resources. What is difficult at this time is that my creativity and writing has sustained me through challenges before but in the current circumstances I can’t access that comfort. I hope things will turn around and that I’ll be able to engage with you all in the future.

17 thoughts on “Head Under Water

  1. Gráinne Daly

    You are never alone Alison and you will find the comfort in your creativity once more – when the time is right. Take the rest you need, feed your mind with positive thoughts and have faith that there’s no cloud so dark that the sun isn’t shining on the other side.

  2. Alison, you said that so very well (as you say everything). I had the same challenge for more than two years – an unexpected Major Life Change “hit me” in September, 2012 and the only kind of writing I could do was journaling. It was about a year later when I finally began to feel the creativity return and I was excited to be writing again. Then, in April of 2014 another unexpected Major Life Change floored me. Once again I lost all ability to access that creativity. After ten months I am just beginning to feel it return, and I’m hoping and praying life will stay on an even keel for a while so I can enjoy writing again.
    I say all this to assure you that you are not alone, (loneliness is the biggest issue I faced). Know that you have many friends – and fans! – praying and sending positive thoughts your way. Get the rest you need. I wish you all the best!

  3. You’re right, there’s no shame at all in pausing for a while so that you can focus on other things / people — in fact you could argue it’s an act of massive generosity. I hope things take an upward turn for you very soon.
    I can empathise. Three to four years ago, my life flipped a couple of loops and I ended up with a new baby, three years of family illness, a massive building project, and finally at the end of 2014 someone died (not the ill one!) That spelt over three years of no meaningful writing, during which time I lost my novel, and it really hurt. I missed being on the lists with you, JP and all the others, and deeply missed the creative bursts and that magic feeling of a story coming together. But it’s just life.
    These changes aren’t forever though, and you’ll get a chance to write again. Please remember that you’re a good writer. Don’t stop. A pause is fine, but don’t stop, because you can write. I mean, not ‘write’, but WRITE.

  4. Alison, so sorry you are having this struggle. Life does turn around and wallop us sometimes. I wish you lots of support and much strength during this dark part of your journey. May I also suggest you make sure to do something unique for yourself each day, and offer too (although it’s a bit if a cliche) that Often, life follows nature in that the darkest hour is just before dawn. Hope that dawn is coming soon, take care, look forward to your stuff when you start writing again 🙂

  5. Oh, Alison, my thoughts go out to you during this difficult time. Give yourself as much space as you need and when the time is right you’ll find your way back. You will. You have such a colossal talent, it won’t be contained for ever. And often a break can propel you to new things you didn’t even know where waiting for you. Much love, Laura X

  6. alisonwells

    Thanks to each one of you so much for your comments, uplifting advice and your own stories. While of course I’m not pleased others have suffered I appreciate that you’ve faced and worked through Major Life Challenges (to paraphrase Deanna) While not being able to share fully and not wanting to be a moaner I did find that not sharing was contributing as Deanna said to loneliness and a feeling of isolation. Even though I’m not fully here I may post the odd inspiring link as I find it. For those of you still working through difficulties I wish you every consolation and strength. xx

  7. Oh, Alison, my heart goes out to you. I hope all your very real travails are soon alleviated. Take all the time you need. Stay well. Hope you are back soon.

  8. Oh, Alison, you are most certainly not alone, although I totally understand and empathize with the feelings you are currently experiencing. It is a hard journey, doing what we do, but rest assured that once you take the time to heal, and you allow yourself whatever is necessary, you will return stronger and wiser. It is all part of this wonderful, crazy, thing we call life! Sending lots of love and healing to you and your family xxx

  9. gypsy999

    We’ll be here when you are ready to return! Your words impact many people, even those who rarely comment {like me}.

  10. Look after yourself, Alison. We are often so much harder on ourselves than on others and we’re bad at taking the advice we offer to others. We all need down time and timeout to reflect and recharge. The writing can’t be forced and will flow when you’re replenished. All the best.

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