Cozy or cool – writers, what do you wear?

felted glove.jpgDear writers, if you’re in the Northern Hemiphere you are probably trying to keep warm as you tap away on your keyboard or scratch out an account of your life from your attic room. On my blog I’m asking writers to share the details of what they wear when behind closed doors doing their writing thing? Is comfort the main factor or do writers dress for the office? How many layers is acceptable and what about accessories, lap blanket, hot water bottle, foot warmer. Just what does it take to keep that bestselling endeavour on the road.

You can read more, with links to more fun articles on personal grooming etiquette and braving freezing conditions on my blog here (Writer, Bare All – What is your writing Uniform?).

Writing,ie is a fantastic resource of how to articles and personal stories, competitions and new release info, so you can log in to comment. If you’d rather, leave your comments here! See if your weird and wonderful habits are share by your fellow writers. It would be great to hear from writers from other climates (other than the cold, damp and dismal.)

5 thoughts on “Cozy or cool – writers, what do you wear?

  1. For the first half of the morning, especially if the words are flowing, I stay in my nightdress, bed-socks slippers and dressing gown – and a terrifying sight that is. Then my conscience gives me pins and needles and I go off to shower and dress, taking a notebook with me.

  2. Heather Walker

    I can get cold even in a warm room when I’m sitting for ages at the laptop. Have been caught twice in PJ’s when I’ve had to open the front door to a caller. Also use a fleece and have once used a hot water bottle to prop between my back and the chair! Yes, comfort is definitely the main thing!

  3. Though I am only a few miles north of you, (in County Meath) it is often so cold I wear an extra jumper and have Bob (the blogging dog) lie across my feet as I type. This often results in snoozes by both him and me, as we get ultra warm.

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