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Inspiring: Finding ways around dyslexia to become a teacher

Edublogs   aims to promote the use of social media in providing educational resources to both teachers and students. Their yearly awards highlight blogs and posts that are working to provide those resources or highlight important educational issues.

Michelle Moloney King is a teacher and writer. She also happens to be dyslexic. In this personal and engaging post Thinking Outside the Box   she outlines how dyslexia affected her throughout her life, the strategies she used for hiding it and working round it as a student. She also explains how her struggles led her to be inventive about learning, devising manuals that focussed more on visuals than text, manuals which were so popular that it was suggested that she should become a teacher.

Nomination for the most influential blog post category Thinking Outside the Box   Michelle Moloney King

Her account of how she persevered with her studies as a teacher despite her challenges is very inspiring and it is for that reason that I’d like to nominate her for the Edublog awards in the most influential blog post category.

WOW Awards – Words on the Street

On Friday 30th April I attended the inaugural WOW awards in the Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill. The WOW awards were organised by the Words on the Street Publishers, a publishing house set up in 2006 and run by Tony O’ Dwyer and his business partner Geraldine Burke, both writers themselves.  The publishing house, says Tony is an act of love, they publish what they are passionate about, what they themselves enjoy and what they believe deserves to be published. They publish mainly Irish writers but also foreign works eg. from Belgium that they believe should be accessible in this country.

The WOW anthology includes the work of 10 poetry and 10 fiction writers, many with fairly illustrious publishing backgrounds in various journals. Some have had collections or novels already published. The story I had included was ‘Sad about the Plumber’s Uncle’, a wry account of a housewives brave attempt to ‘lure..(a plumber) to my suburban, little bit upmarket four bed home’ and the plumber’s fascination with funeral going.

At the WOW awards with the anthology!

I tremendously enjoyed meeting and chatting with the finalists and look forward to following their progress over time. James Lawless (also a Hennessy shortlistee) took first place in the fiction competition and Patricia O’ Callaghan the first prize in poetry. For more details on the winners, Words onthe Street, or to order the anthology, see here. The new competition for next year’s awards is open now and worth a look!