Flash Fiction #FridayFlash

Here are the links to some of my flash fiction:

Unwritten: ‘I love you’ said the man at the book signing.Read more

Close Encounters with Goldfish:For a person who was stone mad it was crazy that he never realised the volcanic crystal would kill the goldfish.’ Read more

Origami Flamingos: That’s the trouble with origami flamingos, they crumple under duress. Read more

Petrification: ‘I want to send you for tests’ said the doctor. Read more

Flash: ‘Emily and Eddie were baiting lightning on the quay, and it was forked’ Read more

The Crossroads: The crossroads is broad and wide, half way up a hill. Read more

Lethargy: ‘I’m bored of my despair’ said Sandra Read more

If you: I want to say to you that…I’m so... Read more

A Life in Books: Books I thought I would read before I died.. Read more

Ten Woebegones Lie Sleeping: Although they were quite commonly known in the alternates; it was many years before I came across a Woebegone. Read more


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