Self-published in a bookshop

On I share what I have learned so far about getting your self-published book into a  (I am stocked in Dubray books in Bray and in Hughes and Hughes stores in Dublin) and about bookshop launches, as well as the success of a self-published author in the UK at getting his book stocked at Waterstones. Click here for more

I recently joined Wattpad. It’s a platform for writers to share work (both sample chapters of published work and new writing). The aim is for writers is to connect with other writers and find new readers and for readers to find new work they’ll enjoy. They have some high profile advocates such as Margaret Atwood and some serious investment – I’ll give more details in a later post. The advantage for writers is that there is a huge audience in the millions already signed up so your work has the potential to be widely read. However like all platforms you have to attract readers and followers, so work must go into your involvement there. This is a consideration when we’re already stretched keeping up with many platforms. However if you want to have a look it’s and here is my page if you want to read any pieces (I have two short stories and an extract from Housewife with a Half-Life on it) or connect if you decide to join.


Self-published book in a bookshop

Housewife with a Half-Life on the shelf in Dubray Books in Bray. Also available in paperback in Hughes & Hughes around Dublin as well as on Amazon in ebook & paperback.

Delighted with this photo! Also delighted that Housewife with a Half-life has recently received this lovely 4 star review on Goodreads:

From: Nick Lowe

Recommended for fans of Ben Elton,Douglas Adams, Robert Rankin and Terry Pratchett. The author combines humour and sci fi with the ordinary hum-drum of the life of a housewife. Highly enjoyable and original read. I look forward to more.