Amazing Humans

You’ve probably seen this already but I was so moved and touched by this video of Commander Chris Hadfield who has been tweeting from the international space station. He performed a version of Space Oddity in the zero gravity of the Space Station just before he returned to earth after his stint in orbit. In the video we can see out of the window of the space station and a guitar floats across the capsule. Such a beautiful circularity of David Bowie’s song about being alone floating in space watching the earth from a distance then being performed in space. But Chris Hadfield has been tweeting to many hundreds of thousands of followers, answering their questions, making videos of his time on the space station making space immediate to us. Still that immediacy does not take from the astounding achievement of humans to build machines and do the calculations required to get us into space. This video and the others Chris Hadfield have made bring the wonder of that achievement more vividly to us.