Dublin Chapter

The Alliance of Independent Authors: Inaugural Dublin Meeting 24th April

The publishing world is changing with increasing challenges for publishers and authors alike. The traditional model faces the many challenges of sustainability, digital rights management, and in the case of smaller publishers survival itself.

Some would argue that publishers, particularly among the Big 6 are risk averse, giving rise to homogeneity within the industry and giving rise to a space where artistic originality is not nurtured.

There are many fine writers who are frustrated through not being able to break into the traditional mode of publishing, there are those that have come from the traditional route but found that it did not live up to their expectations, there are those who philosophically prefer to have the artistic freedom mentioned to follow their own creative path and push their work to the limits of form, genre and language.

Technically it now relatively easy to self-publish. The tools are readily available and dissemination and distribution through internet channels relatively straightforward. There is a new buzz as writers are now able to take control of the publishing process. At the same time there needs to be a high level of professionalism displayed by writers taking this path. The products needs to be every bit as good as what is on offer already. Self-publishing should not be the poor relation of the traditional offering.There should be a consistency of quality. Know how needs to be shared on design, editing, proofing, marketing and everything else that goes with getting a book to market.

Enter Orna Ross, writer (previously published by Attic Press and Penguin.) She has envisaged an organisation where writers committed to bringing their quality work to market independently can share skills and expertise. Her brainchild the Alliance of Independent Authors is a a global, ‘nonprofit, collaborative collective of independent self-publishing writers. It”s mission statement states that ‘as well as encouraging ethics and excellence in writing, printing, publication and promotion, our aim is to promote, support, advocate for and advance the interests of independent, self-publishing authors. ‘ There is already an impressive team of advisers associated with the group.

To give you a flavour, here is some footage from the recent London launch and also some background to four authors who have joined the Alliance as to ‘How I went Indie and Why.’

The Dublin Chapter of the Alliance of Independent Authors will have it’s Inaugural Meeting on Tuesday 24th April at 6.30pm in the The Library Bar Central Hotel Exchequer St. So if you are interested in finding out more come along on Tuesday night.

In support of the Alliance, Words with JAM is offering a £10 National Book Token ($15 Amazon Voucher for non-UK citizens) to everyone who joins for full or partner membership of the alliance when joining via their newsletter or website links.