Interview with Eoin Colfer on The Last Guardian & what comes after Artemis Fowl

Eoin Colfer from Wexford has been a worldwide hit with the Artemis Fowl series. (He also wrote a follow up And Another Thing in the Douglas Adam’s  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  series)

The Artemis series, for young teens, follows the adventures of teenage technical mastermind Artemis Fowl and his adventures in saving his family fortune, and the world, alongside Fairies and Pixies, friends and foe. Eoin Colfer has just released the final book The Last Guardian. These are brilliantly written books with wit and technical wizardry. Eoin has described them as ‘Die Hard with Fairies’. This bestselling series has been hugely popular with my eldest boy so I was delighted to interview Eoin for

Catching up with Eoin Colfer amid his travels, I ask him to cast his mind back and tell us how the idea for Artemis Fowl originated. His answer is both surprising and wry: “I got the idea for a young, super criminal from a photo I saw of my little brother making his Confirmation. It occurred to me that he looked like a James Bond villain and I thought it would be funny if that was the main character in a series.” Did he know how many Artemis books he would go on to write? “I actually had planned for only three books, but ideas kept coming so I kept on writing more. Eight is enough, I think, time for Artemis to retire.”

Writers hope for success but it’s never a given. I ask Eoin what the huge popularity of Artemis Fowl has meant to him. “The Artemis series has been hugely important for me and my family. It brought us security for one thing. Another thing Artemis did for me was allow me to be a full time writer,” Eoin says “and even more than that I could indulge myself in writing projects that I felt pretty sure would not be blockbusters, including a musical and a few one-act plays.”

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