Writing – what you can do with the wind behind you

I often write about the challenge in finding the time to write. However there are times when the wind is at your back and you find yourself at exactly the right mental place and physical time

There are times when you begin to write and keep on writing, when a story appears almost fully formed in one sitting. It seems almost magical.

I participated in Nanowrimo twice, where the aim was to produce 1667 words per day for a month. On some days it was torture trying to stir up the words, on other days my fingers flew over the keyboard.

This morning just after I woke I wrote a blog post (on flash fiction!) in half an hour. On another occasion a similarly length post took me two hours. Sometimes it is the material that suits you. Perhaps without even knowing it you have stored up a whole lot of information and associations about a particular topic or relating to a particular germ of a story. There are times when you seem to find a key to a whole lot of subconscious associations or a significant memory that comes alive when juxtaposed with some new information and suddenly there are a whole lot of words coming fast one after the other.

Sometimes it is the time of day or year that suits. Certainly many of us experience a surge in energy at this time of year as the days get much brighter. I am a morning person and combined with that transition state between dreams, imagination and reality, it is for me, an ideal time to write. For others whose body clock favours evening time more, they may write late into the night.

Sometimes everything clicks and we don’t really know why but if possible we need to look at the times when we feel the wind in our sails and really get going and ask ourselves why, what, when, how and perhaps who. When do we feel drive and inspiration generally and is it possible (and it isn’t always) to free up that time. If we can, we might do as much writing in one hour as we will in a whole other afternoon.

Have you ever had the experience of having the writing wind behind you? Is there a particular time of the day, year or even in your life when things flowed. Can we help it happen again or is it just one of those elusive things? What do you think?