Flash fiction in the Irish Times

Regular readers of the blog will know that I am a great fan of flash fiction and that I regularly take part in #fridayflash on Twitter where writers post their short fiction and read and review each others pieces. I’ve also talked about what flash fiction is on writing.ie

Today in the Irish Times, crime writer Declan Burke whose new novel Absolute Zero Cool is out now (and sounds fantastic) has written a great piece about flash fiction Flash fiction: ‘Intense, urgent and a little explosive’ and has kindly quoted some of my thoughts on this wonderful medium.

You can read some of my flash fiction pieces here. One of the flash fiction pieces ‘Unwritten’ was published by Crannóg and I read the piece at the launch of Crannóg 25.  Writing flash fiction has been the single most helpful activity in my development as a writer. It demands editing skills, attention to detail, brevity and impact. It also – as Declan Burke – explains is a wonderful showcase for the talents of many writers who came to the attention of agents etc through this medium.

Watch out for some new short fiction (not quite flash fiction but almost) from me tomorrow (Thurs 27th October) at the wonderful Metazen.