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Here on the blog for the May Carnival of Creative Possibility I’ll be throwing out writing challenges and prompts and we may even work up to a writing competition later in the month.

Here’s an interesting one for you, a writing prompt that will get you really thinking and also give you the opportunity of submitting to the wonderful National Flash Fiction day anthology. I’ve been involved in the last two anthologies Jawbreakers and Scraps and the standard of the work included was just wonderful. I’ve waxed lyrical about the wonders of flash fiction before and how it’s been the single most inspiring avenue of writing that I’ve been involved in and has helped me produce an abundance of work within a busy life. If you haven’t written much flash fiction before this will help you hone that craft & hopefully get the same buzz at producing a dynamite piece of writing in a short space of time.

National Flash Fiction Day director Calum Kerr says this

Once again we are delighted to open our submission floodgates to your stories for the annual NFFD anthology. This year, our topic is ‘The Senses’ and you should feel free to interpret that however you like. There are the 5 usual ones, but there is also that strange 6th sense. And what about a sense of fair play, of right and wrong, of place or of humour?

However you care to work with our theme, we want to read your stories. The word limit is 500 words, and you can submit up to 3 stories. Please include them in the email, not as attachments, and follow all the guidelines below.

All writers who have a story selected for the anthology will receive a free print copy of the book upon publication.

This year’s editors will be the Director of National Flash-Fiction Day, Calum Kerr, and this year’s Costa Short Story Award Winner, Angela Readman. The deadline date for entries is 23:59 (UK time) on Sunday 18th May 2014. 

So here is your challenge for the next few days. Explore the idea of the senses, chose one or several and really have a think about what a particular sense means and how the lack of it, or a heightened version might affect a particular character and lead to strange circumstances. Surely with the senses the writing should be vivid. I’m writing a book based all around the sensations of food and taste at the moment. The book is very visceral and sense based. One of my recent excerpts was nominated for the Glass woman prize. It might get you inspired to read it. If you’re looking for more inspiration I’ve put some of my tiny stories together in Stories to Read on the Train (for a tiny price).

I’ll give this submission challenge a go, let us know if you’re going to have a go. It’s a particular inspiring prompt so it will be interesting to hear how you got on. Also come back and say if your piece is accepted. The anthology is very well regarded and great fun to be a part of!




All things Flash

As you may know Saturday 22nd June is when this year’s Summer Solstice falls, thus making it the Longest Day and the shortest night of the year. Of course in Australia it’s the shortest day so in the spirit of all things International and short, fictionwise it will also be International Flash Fiction Day.

There are a variety of things going on to celebrate the day. I’ll be at Flash Bulbs as one of the guest readers at an event organised by The Big Smoke Writing Factory Saturday 22nd June 2013, 6-8pm, Arthur’s Pub on Thomas St, Dublin. Please come along to have a look and enjoy some quick tales if you’re in the area.

There’s also what’s called a Flash Flood of flash fiction stories being loaded up throughout the day on the Flash Flood Journal blog. They’re open to submissions to be included in this flood of fiction just until midnight TONIGHT so get your entries in NOW.

There’s also an International Flash Mob with offerings from around the globe, the submission date is over but their site is going life in a few hours with news of the competition winners and posting of a variety of flash.

And finally, of course there is Scraps, the National Flash Fiction Day UK anthology in all it’s sparkling glory. I’ve raved on about it enough and yes it features my David Bowie: Man Who Sold the World Inspired Story ‘Egg’ (all stories are inspired by art or culture of some kind) and I also have my fun Dot to Dot Man Micro Fiction story in there. There are 65 stories in all and you can get the anthology on Kindle or paperback from 22nd June.

Cheerio for now, am in the middle of furniture moving!

Hurray for National Flash Fiction Day & Free Housewife!

Well I’ve spoken before about National Flash Fiction Day and now it’s here! Congratulations to director Calum Kerr for the initiative and to all those involved in the mass of events in the UK and those in Dublin. It’s a lively celebration of a wonderful form! Here’s an interview I did with Calum.

To celebrate National Flash Fiction Day, I’m making my space comedy fiction Housewife with a Half-Life Kindle version FREE on both Amazon US and Amazon UK for one day only (May 16th) . There are some other great books on offer for the free day including the amazing Jawbreakers collection of flash fictions itself. Get yourself some free stuff, see here.

I’ll be reading tonight May 16 at the Big Smoke Writing Factory (Inter) National flash fiction event in the Back Loft (La Catedral Studios, 7-11 Augustine Street, Dublin 8 from 7-9pm. If in Dublin come along.

If you can’t make it, here I am on a video, yes! reading my piece from the National Flash Fiction Day anthology Jawbreakers. The story is called Elsewhere.

For more details on National Flash Fiction Day.

The full National Flash-Fiction Day blog is at http://nationalflashfictionday.blogspot.co.uk/
The website is at http://www.nationalflashfictionday.co.uk/
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Flash Fiction: Jawbreakers, Calum Kerr and National Flash Fiction Day

National Flash Fiction day (May 16th) was the brainchild of writer and lecturer Calum Kerr. Calum set up the day to celebrate the short form of flash fiction and to co-ordinate events all around the U.K. and further afield. I interview Calum on my writing.ie blog all about the background to National Flash Fiction day and about flash fiction itself.

One of the marvellous results of this initiative is Jawbreakers, the collection of fictions he and Valerie O’ Riordan have co-edited. I’m delighted to announce that I’m an honorary Irish guest inclusion in the book which contains (without any bias at all!) some of the finest writing from the best authors around, luminaries including Tania Hershman, Vanessa Gebbie, Ali Smith, Ian Rankin. There are so many absolute gems among the stories and it’s available here and soon on Amazon.

To celebrate National Flash Fiction Day the industrious creative writing centre Big Smoke Writing Factory have organised a flash fiction reading night on May 16th in the Back Loft (La Catedral Studios, 7-11 Augustine Street, Dublin 8 from 7-9pm. They are looking for participants and there is still a couple of days (until May 6) to enter a piece if you’d like to read a flash on the night. I’ll be a guest reader there so I’ll update you on how the evening went!

For more details on National Flash Fiction Day.

The full National Flash-Fiction Day blog is at http://nationalflashfictionday.blogspot.co.uk/
The website is at http://www.nationalflashfictionday.co.uk/
Follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nationalflashfictionday

Flashes from NFFD events : http://nffdflashes.blogspot.com

And just on a personal note, check back here tomorrow for the reveal of my cover for Housewife with a Half-Life!