Create wordcount for your new project. 30K – sounds reasonable!

As part of the May Carnival of Creative Possibility, one of our activities is producing words.  We’ve set a reasonable aim of just shy of 1000 words per day. 30k in May sounds better than 31 but it also gives us a little bit of leeway if we want to take a day off and CHILL which is always a good idea!

If you’d like to join in, just sign up in the comments below and also use the comments to document your progress whenever you feel you’d like to or moan about your obstacles!  Similar to the #nanowrimo venture in November, I’ve always found the camaraderie and group spirit good for getting motivated. Don’t worry if you’ve discovered this post well into May, THERE ARE NO RULES, just join in and do the equivalent words necessary to get you to the end of the month. Set your own target if 1000 seems too high! It’s all about getting started!


Don’t forget to sign up in the comments, talk about your project and document your progress!

And now, get going!